5 Home Office Options for Limited Space

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Everyone needs a small space for paying bills, keeping paperwork organized, and generally doing the day-to-day tasks that keep a household running smoothly. While some homes are built with a home office, how can you carve out space if an office isn’t in the budget or the plans? When you’re building a custom home, you’ve got additional options for your office space even when there’s not a lot of extra room to go around.

Kitchen Cubby

Most families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen, so why run to the bedroom or office when you need to pay bills or the kids need to finish up their homework? A kitchen cubby can take advantage of a little-used kitchen wall or corner and turn it into a productive part of your working household. Capture bills, car keys, recipes, family messages and more in a central location that everyone can access on a daily basis.

Garage Workspace

If you completely run out of room in your home, head to the garage! A garage workspace can offer the ideal solution to homes that do not have an available corner for a home office, or if you simply don’t want to clutter your custom home with yet another table. The side benefit of camping out in your garage is that you can get an amazing view and some cool breezes when the weather is nice!

Don't need a full-time home office? Take your office space on-the-go with a moveable office on wheels.

Spare Corner

If all the room you have is a spare corner, don’t despair! Corner desks and wheeled storage units will allow you to take full advantage of the limited space that you have available in your home to create a functional and attractive office space. Keep everything neat and tidy with compact storage solutions and hanging storage options so you’re taking full advantage of the space.

Movable Office

Don’t need a full-time home office? Take your office space on-the-go with a movable office on wheels. Modular storage and desk space allow you to create a multi-faceted workspace that can be used for crafting, home organization and paying bills. They come in all different shapes and sizes so there is sure to be something to fit your home.

Entryway Catchall

Many people have a habit of dropping keys and bags in the entryway, so why not make that space work for you? Creating an entryway catchall provides you with a handy spot to get organized. Sort mail, pay bills and keep keys from getting lost in the shuffle in this mini home office. Find a minimalist solution that won’t crowd the hallway and store small items within a structured receptacle to prevent clutter in a small space.

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