5 Reasons to Consider Skylights in Your Custom Home

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It’s no secret that housing is packed tight in the Vancouver area. That means you likely won’t be able to get as many side windows in your home as you want. But skylights can be a wonderful alternative to side windows. Here are some of the benefits of installing skylights in your custom home.

Energy Efficiency

Skylights can reduce your electricity usage by as much as 10 percent. These lights reduce your need for electric lighting, which will reduce your energy costs and consumption of an unsustainable power source. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and installing a skylight is a great way to reduce your energy consumption.

Budget Friendly

Less electricity usage also means lower electricity bills. The ventilation from a skylight will also reduce the use of air conditioning and fans during the summer, which will save you even more money.

Skylights can reduce your electricity usage by as much as 10%!

Better Ventilation

Skylights naturally ventilate the home without any energy use. Ventilating skylights create an exhaust effect which draws warm air up and out of the skylight, while cooler and fresher air takes its place throughout the home. Skylights are designed to let in more light than heat, so you don’t have to worry about the sun overheating your home. The natural sunlight from a skylight will also provide you and your family with ample amounts of vitamin D and B1.

Increased Privacy

Homes in Vancouver are often packed close together, which makes it tough to get as many windows in the home as you might want. Even if you can get a lot of windows, you might still have concerns about your privacy with all of the other homes so close to you. Skylights are a perfect way to balance your need for privacy and for natural lighting. They are a great choice for the bathroom, a room where good lighting and privacy are highly important.

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Natural Glow

Natural lighting adds life to closed in rooms. The dull, unnatural glow of a light bulb cannot provide the same life and energy that natural lighting from a skylight does. Natural light will make the interior of your home look great by proving clearer definition to colors, spaces and architectural designs. Bright, natural lighting stimulates the mind and encourages the production of vitamin D, which is great for boosting your mood. Your skylights will provide you with sunlight year around, which is great for the cold winter months when it is difficult to go outside.

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