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If you are considering giving your home a facelift by painting the walls, you may be wondering what colors you should choose. The colors that you decide on will affect more than the interior design, it will make an impact on your emotions and productivity, too. That’s why you need to choose colors according to the use of the room and pay attention to how the color may affect you and your family. Here are some guidelines for choosing the paint color for your walls.


Blue is considered a calming color — it’s known to reduce stress and lower the heart rate. Blue is ideal for reading areas or bedrooms. Because blue also improves productivity, it’s a great color for home offices or any area where you work in your home.


Green is the color of nature and as such, it promotes tranquility and peace. Green is another great color for family rooms or areas where you want people to be able to sit and relax. Consider green for day rooms or even children’s playrooms.


Red is typically reserved for small spaces as its effects can become overwhelming. Red is the color of passion and boldness. Red may energize you and help you feel more youthful, but if overdone it could be a drain on your energy. Consider painting one wall red or accenting it with calmer colors. Red in the bedroom may enhance passion, but it may also keep you awake at night.

Blue is considered a calming color — it's known to reduce stress and lower the heart rate. This makes it an ideal wall color for reading areas or bedrooms.

Earth Tones

Earth tones can enhance the appearance of nearly any room and have the added benefit of complementing almost any color. Painting your walls in beige, eggshell or other earthy tones will allow you to add bright colors to the room without overpowering the senses.


Orange promotes creativity and originality. It also promotes youthfulness. Use orange in playrooms, craft rooms or hobby areas and see where the imagination takes you!


Purple is also considered a color that promotes creativity. It may appeal more to teens and free-thinking adults than orange. Add purple to home offices, study areas and reading rooms to encourage imaginative play or thought. Add it to children’s play areas to compliment their make-believe games.

Remember that you don’t need to paint all the walls in one room the same color. You can mix and match different shades and hues, especially when dealing with bright colors, like red, to get the look and feel that your want. If you have a favorite color that isn’t mentioned here, there is no need to worry. Use the colors that appeal most to you and trust your instincts. For more ideas for choosing the right color for you home, contact us today. We can help you choose the right colors for your custom home.

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