Do I Need A Dining Room In My Custom Home?

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Planning a new custom home can be a lot of fun, as you get to decide what you need and what you can do without so that your home works best for your family. One of the most common questions those deciding on a custom home ask is: “Do you really need a dining room?” The answer to that question depends on your family makeup and how you use your home. Keep these things in mind as you make a decision about whether to include a dining room or opt for another design.

Where Does Your Family Dine?

If your family normally gathers around the table in the dining room for dinner every day, then you probably already know that the dining room is an important part of your family’s daily schedule and social structure. However, if your kids are grown, or your family normally eats on the run and rarely sits down as a family, a kitchen bar or breakfast nook may better serve your needs.

How Often do You Use the Dining Room?

If your dining room is reserved for large family gatherings on special occasions and holidays but sits empty for most of the year, you can probably do without it and make other arrangements for holiday dinners. However, if it also doubles for entertaining and you like hosting parties and social gatherings, by all means, include the dining room for its social uses.

To create the illusion of space and to open up your living area, consider a dining room that is open to the kitchen or living room.

Can Your Dining Room Double For Another Use?

Many families use the dining room as a spare office, a craft room or even a makeshift greenhouse as dining rooms typically allow in a lot of light. It may even be used as a small art studio, library or simply a reading room when it is not in use for entertaining. Adding a dining room that can double as another space makes sense as it allows you to have the best of both worlds. The dining space is available when needed, but the space is productive all year.

Would An Open Floor Plan Meet Your Needs Better?

To create the illusion of space and to open up your living area, consider a dining room that is open to the kitchen or living room. This allows household members to interact while creating a subtle separation for the dining room. This informal setting is ideal for keeping track of little ones and creates an inviting area for eating, doing homework and school projects or simply as a gathering place for family members to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

If you are still not sure how you’d like to use your common areas, PHW Homes can help you decide. Contact us today to learn about the many options we offer.

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