The Process

We love meeting with our clients for a hassle free consultation. Building a home can be extremely intimidating, but regardless of which step you’re on or how much knowledge you have, we pride ourselves on making the process a lot more relaxed for you through talking you through each step.


1. Survey, Design & Approval

We start by working with you to discover what your needs are for the scope of the project.


2. Demolition & Grading

The second stage of the process is where we tear down the existing home, and grade the land in preparation for the foundation.


3. Foundation

Once grading is complete, we being the process of framing, forming, and pouring the concrete to create the foot print for your new home.


4. Utilities

The next step is hooking up the sewer, drainage, gas and hydro lines.


5. Framing & Roofing

Now your home begins to take shape as we frame the body of your home!


6. Interior Rough-ins

After framing, we walk through the home together and go through exactly where you’d like your outlets, cables, internet, etc. The joy of a custom home comes with having things exactly where you’d like them.


7. Siding & Exterior Detailing

Time to give your home it’s new look! Whatever siding, wood detailing, and stone you decide on, this is the stage we begin working on the exterior detailing of your home.


8. Insulation & Drywall

After rough-ins and during the exterior detailing process, we begin insulating and closing up the walls. This is an exciting time as you begin to get a real feel for the space you have in each of your rooms.


9, Kitchen & Bathroom

The stage when the interior of your home begins to look like how you envisioned!


10. Landscaping

After most of your home is complete, it’s landscaping time. Whether you have allergies and want as little green as possible, or want a garden full of flowers, we have you covered!


11. Final Inspection

Final inspection day is the day we do a walk through of the home to ensure you’re happy with everything you see. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can until you’re satisfied with our quality product.


12. Moving Day!

You’ve made it! Once we get the occupancy permit, it’s time to move into you’re new dream home!

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