Top Three Things to Think About when Shopping for your Future Home Builder

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Hello everyone my name is Kenny Wong from PHW Homes and today I will be talking about the top three things to think about when shopping for your future home builder.
These Tips are extremely important because you’ll likely be spending the next two years with this person through the entire building process!
One: Have a list of questions ready and prepared and take notes.
Think of this as an interview process for the largest investment of your life. Too often people aren’t prepared with a list of questions or questions to ask their builder, so what that does is it allows that specific builder to dictate the information that they provide to you. And sometimes that is not going to be enough information or the right information to help you make an informed decision.
By having a list of questions ready, you’re able to take charge of the situation, get the information that you need and keep the builder accountable.
One of the important questions to ask is how many houses have you built in the last couple years and within which area as bylaws change and are different within each municipality, having that information available or knowing that they’ve built within the area that you’re looking to build will make for a much smoother building process for you and your family.
Another great question to ask is what differentiates you from other builders in the market. I know this sounds like a very interview type question but really – what makes them different from every other person in the market right now and how are they gonna bring value to the table when helping you build your dream home
If you’d like a great list of questions to help with your interview process, check out the description below. (Still need)
Two: Make sure it’s a good personality match and you trust them
It’s such a given that often it’s easily missed or glossed over. You are going to be spending the next two years with this person throughout the entire build process so make sure that they meet your needs with regards to communication style, conflict resolution, and design style.
Two Question to ask yourself when thinking about this is:
1 . Do you require a high level of communication
2 . Are looking to build just to sell
Those two questions are very very different and often will require a different builder for your process. Are you a person that is looking to build a house and have everything taken care for you so you can sell the house in the future? Or are you a client that is looking to build a house for yourself.
These type of questions are very important to ask yourself as every builder is very different and every homeowner is different. So make sure you find the right personality match for you, the right personality match for your communication style as that will let you move forward with the process a lot smoother.
Three: Do your due diligence and investigate.
I find to often people put a lot of weight on a referral, but often don’t take the time to investigate to see if that person is the right fit for them and their build. Important things to ask and investigate are:
  • Are they insured and licensed
  • Are they in good standing with wcb
  • Do they have any Current claims with home warranty
  • And if they are actually even the owners of the company’s
  • How searchable is this company
  • Do they have positive reviews on google or other home building review websites
Having this information available online is very helpful as it will help you find out a little bit more about the company and other clients experiences with this specific company. If you can’t find them online that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not going to go well. It just means that you need to put in a little bit more time asking that specific builder for references and calling those references and talking to those specific people to find out their experiences with that builder and walking through some of the homes they’ve built prior.
So funny enough I’ve heard many situations where there’s a home builder that might be building a home, ah but they are using someone else’s licence, So making sure you take the time and investigate and you can do those searches online.
So in summary, here are the top three things to think about when you’re shopping for your future home builder:
One, have a list questions ready and take notes. Taking charge of the conversation and having those questions ready will help you get the information that you’re looking for.
Two, make sure that you like them. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this specific person so liking this person will make the process a lot more for you and your future.
And three, do your due diligence and investigate!
Making sure you do that investigation will help you fortify your decision to make sure that you’re making the right choice for you and your family
Happy building!
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