Vancouver’s Housing Market Continues to Surge

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Vancouver housing market surge

You’ve probably heard the saying that something is “on fire” when things are going well. If that’s the case, the Vancouver housing market is headed into supernova territory.

The average sale price for a fully detached home is closing in on $2 million, making it more lucrative than ever to sell your current home. With selling prices increasing in the mid-double digits, Vancouver’s housing market continues to grow and is even expanding into surrounding areas.

Perfect Storm for Owners

The incredibly active residential housing market in Vancouver is experiencing a boom the likes of which has not been seen before. There is intense competition from buyers who are trying to get into exclusive Vancouver homes, and these buyers are willing to pay a premium price even for apartments and attached homes. While the number of listings per month is increasing only slightly, it’s  the selling prices that are really taking off, making it the ideal time to list your home and get top dollar.

The average sale price for a fully detached home in Vancouver is closing on $2 million, making it more lucrative than ever to sell your current home.

Financing Your Dream

If building a custom home is something that you’ve  always dreamed about, then  you’ve probably done some research and determined that  it would be tough to start building a new home before you’ve sold your current house. While this is still true, there is currently a strong incentive to sell as people are actively looking for homes to purchase in the Vancouver area. Struggling to sell for a profit is one of the main reasons people stay in their current homes, but with the current interest in both detached and semi-detached homes, that argument becomes moot.

Starting Fresh

There’s nothing quite like starting over with a custom home. Current homeowners know that there’s always something that you would like to change — a little more room in the kitchen, different placement of the bathrooms, or maybe just moving your bedroom a little further away from the kids or the laundry room. Building a custom home allows you to  have a high level of input on the front end, making it much more likely for you to have a home that you’ll be happy with for the long term.

Builders You Can Trust

When you work with the team at PHW Custom Homes, Inc., you can be sure that you’ll be treated like family. With more than 30 years of experience building custom family homes and laneway homes, the PHW Homes team understands how to define, meet and exceed your expectations on every project.

When you’re ready to build a custom home in the Vancouver area, contact PHW Custom Homes to reserve your commitment-free walk through on our full process.

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